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    About Us

    Meraki Therapy & Wellness, LLC was established in April 2022 by Michelle Waack and Maria Pla. We take pride in having more than 10 years of experience with in-patient and out-patient client care. Our private practice is located in Green Bay, Wisconsin with flexible hours available, including early mornings and evenings. Phone and Telehealth sessions are also offered. All referrals are welcome.


    Our Mission

    To commit to the wellness of individuals, in the community through culturally competent treatment, prevention, intervention, and education.

    We're here for you.

    The thought of contacting a therapist or a counselor can be frightening, let alone acknowledging the fact that you should. No matter how scary it may seem, reaching out to Meraki Therapy & Wellness, LLC is the first step to recovery.

    In this day and age, we’ve made great strides in destigmatizing mental health issues. Many people are openly talking about their illness and recovery, encouraging others to seek the professional help they need. Rest assured that we will provide you with a safe and welcoming place where you can share your troubles and get the appropriate treatment.

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